The first stop for the EIGB this year was at New York, where it all began. I was expecting some dope pieces and they didn’t disappoint. All the writers are given the word at the start of the day with the same amount of paint. They are judged on letter structure, use of color, how they incorporate the theme, characters and originality.

Doves (TC5) took first. He kills it here. The letters are clean and his characters are fresh. Four elements of hip hop are represented with style. In bboying, rapping, turntabling and graffiti, flow is very important. Excellent executuion.

Meres (X-Men) took second. Judges must have had a tough time. Letters have a sick flow and I like how the fill in is leaking off the piece. The reflection off the water is also dope. I can’t stop lookin at those letters.

Group shot of Estria, judges and writers

check out the rest of the canvases

If you would like to battle, submit your flix and info to EIGB

Anyone who wants to lend a hand can volunteer, by filling out this form. It’s a great time, you should help out if you’re nearby.

Next one is in LA, a lot of talent there. I can’t wait.

Photos by Seher Sikandar for EIGB