We are excited to announce the Illest x Shoyoroll Gi. Shoyoroll is a lifestyle brand heavily inspired by Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling culture and specializes in premier fine fitted kimonos. For the collaboration piece, two color ways will be available: white and navy. Details below.

Tops are made of a Lightweight Tech Weave and are consistent with the well known Shoyoroll cut/fit.

Bottoms are made of a Lightweight Cotton Blend and are also consistent with the Shoyoroll cut/fit.

Gi’s are available in the following sizes: A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2H, A3, A3S, A4 and A5. “F” fitted sizes are not available.

Each gi comes with it’s own multipurpose drawstring bag for additional gear and transport on and off the mats.

The Illest x Shoyoroll Gi’s will be available this Saturday, June 22nd at our Costa Mesa location at 12pm PST.  Gi’s are bundled with a limited Illest x Shoyoroll colab tee as well as a sticker pack.  Pricing is set at $225 and all orders are limited to 2 per adult.

Illest HQ, 2950 Randolph, Costa Mesa

Release qty:
50 white/50 navy

$225 bundle required for purchase
Bundle: Gi, Tee, Accessory Pack(Misc, Stickers)
Limit: 2 per adult


Online Release Date
Monday, June 24

Location / Time
Fatlace.com / Illest.com
11:11AM PST

Release Qty:

$200 bundle required for purchase
Bundle: Accessory Pack (Misc, Stickers)
Limit: 2 per adult