Running in itself is an experience – a time to disconnect and escape while focusing on your body and surroundings. Last week Nike invited me to participate in a once in a lifetime Nike + Run Club experience.


A pair of Nike Free 3.0 Flyknits were the shoes of choice for this event. As they provide the most natural running experience.




An ultra-low profile midsole to encourage a more natural footstrike and lightweight supportive Flyknit upper. Enhanced movement with hexagonal flex grooves offering 6 points of flexibility to let your foot move naturally in every direction.


Flywire integrated with the laces delivers added support and adaptive fit. More benefits include a molded sockliner that mimic’s the foot’s shape for added support, solid rubber under the toe enhances traction and durability, and a waffle outsole pistons absorb impact and adds responsiveness.


Upon gearing up we entered an elevator and walked up a few flights of stairs to reach the rooftop of the AT&T Center, nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the 452 foot tall building overlooks the Los Angeles skyline, freeways, and picturesque views of the city.




Sitting atop what is usually used as a helipad was a circle of treadmills outward facing to give a gorgeous view of the city for the runner. Immediately, after being placed with a machine the runners did a quick warm-up and had our instructor lead in what would be a dynamic stretching session before we began the workout. The workout would be a 5K run, roughly 3.10 miles, on the treadmill. With music blaring sounds of J.Cole and other artists, an instructor giving motivation and tips ensuring everyone was staying in a proper form, and an epic sunset to close out the day the experience was truly one of a kind.


A little over 30 minutes of running a ladder with intervals of various speeds and inclines with rest periods only to slow down the pace and keeping constant movement ended with smiles. A short stretching session closed out the workout portion of the event and runners were invited to then take photos with the cityscape before ending the night.



I’ll leave you with a little treadmill workout motivation.

If every treadmill workout was like this I am sure I would run daily. For those interested in participating in events such as this in the LA area, be sure to check out: