01 Apr 2015

The 6-Hour Wait For BBQ

Aside from its infamous brisket, Franklin’s in Austin is known for an obnoxiously long line. Like, long enough to have its own Twitter (@FranklinBBQLine) kinda long. Like, I got there hungover, ate breakfast tacos, took a nap, wrote some emails and still hadn’t even moved kinda long. Like… five hours

02 Sep 2013


In true holiday spirit, my friends and family got together for our version of the Sunday Day Club. We were fully equipped with food, alcohol, swimming and smores. It looked like this: It just so happens that it’s also my cousin’s birthday. Happy birthday, Girlee, may all your wishes come

10 May 2012

Premier Hawaii BBQ

When people ask me what I’m doing on any given weekend, my response almost always includes “BBQ.”  Last weekend on Cinco de Mayo, it was at the beach; then on Sunday, it was at the epicenter of the European automotive community of Oahu – Premier Auto Service and Performance.  Premier

31 May 2011

Fatlace Expansion, BBQ & Sale

Last weekend we had a huge sale at the Paddock aka headquarters. Friends & new friends lined up at 7am to catch the sale and by 9am, the line was down the block. We stopped the sale at 2pm as we started the bbq meet and previewed the expansion as

24 Jan 2011


Went to SOHI Garage the other night to have a little BBQ for our out of state lowballers. After that day I got hooked on the marinated BBQ ribs from fresh and easy. Damn I love that place. Of course we had to get the Official Lowballer Beer “Leinenkugels” which

08 Aug 2010

More HF 6 BBQ Photos

The BBQ was a good time as always. There were cars that were daily driven flush, drifted and some bagged. I really like meets like this since there’s no prizes or people stressing about getting “approved.” Free stickers were given to anyone who drove in. Good people, good food, good

Kenmeri 1
07 Aug 2010

Driving Around Ken & Mary

The day started early. Had to save some picnic spots for the Hellaflush BBQ Meat. Felix was at Miami holding it down for the Hellaflush squad. I had a chance to drive his classic Skyline (AKA Kenmeri) while following Mark in his beauty. Driving RHD feels like riding switch stance