How do I start? 6 months ago I started to cover events for this site. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard the news that I am officially with the group that I always looked up to. Without any background in writing and in photography I took the challenge with open arms as I wanted to show everyone what the Philippines is capable of. Time flies as I have 20 entries in a quick span of time. Here is a quick look at my 2013 in Fatlace.

It first started when I asked Mark if he wanted to visit Thailand for the Flush Style Anniversary last March, he was busy at that time so I took the photos for the site.

For my first entry I wanted something memorable that I can always look back to. As a big fan of the 911 and the RWB treatment watching Nakai-San work his magic in person was the best way to start things up.

Meeting the man in person was definitely one of the best moments of 2013. I remember watching and reading his articles way back 2008 on Speedhunters regarding his Stella Artois and RWB S15 (Yes, there is one).

Visiting Thailand alone changed my views not only as an enthusiast but also as a person, what amazed me was their mutual respect for others. This S15 also inspired me in my future builds.

Some people judge that builds from Thailand are too fancy and played out but personally I think their style is very unique, not to mention their dedication for the fitment scene.

This year I also had the opportunity to drive along their highway’s, full speed along with their flush-race-show cars.

It was also my first time to drive Right-Hand-Drive, driving at midnight from the show in a semi-modified Prelude alongside with full-blown Rx7’s and s14’s was definitely for the books.

I also took the opportunity to feature the very best that Thailand has to offer.

I also took photos of some of Manila Fitted’s wildest rides.

One of the biggest news in streetwear was the arrival of Illest in Manila. The brand grew quickly as it tapped different markets in our country.

2013 was also a good year for the drift community in our country as the Lateral D had a successful season and that Drift Muscle is finally here.  These events also gave me a chance to practice shooting better photos for this site.

2013 was a great year for Manila Fitted, 8 meets in total including one for Fatlace (a small preview of things to come for 2014).  The fitment community in our country today is more intact and diverse with different build from the country gaining international recognition.

(Photo: Mark Arcenal)

Every 31 of December I ask myself how do I top this year? For 2014, I will focus more on builds in our country.

Expect your average dose of drifting content in the site. Hoping for better photos as I plan to upgrade my camera kit this year.

Expect car related events and shows in the site, another possible entry is interviews with the game changers in our country.

For the international fitment scene expect more in-depth look at builds as I plan to go back to Thailand this March to once again cover the Flush Style Anniversary. What excites me most this year is that I am finally (hoping) making my first visit in Japan for Slammed Society 2014.

2013 was also the year that I gained friends from the sneaker community. Expect these events again this year alongside with an in-depth look at the collectors and customizers.

It also gave me the opportunity to add a little spice in my small collection.

What I lacked most this year was time in building my own. That is why this 2014, it is a must that I finish both project cars. Fatlace style, of course.

(Photo: Vince Geronimo)

The country itself had its ups and downs this past year, but always keep in mind that the Filipino spirit is unbreakable.

Special thanks Mark, Vince, Anton and the rest of Fatlace crew for your warm hospitality. Thank you to everyone who helped me gather these events for the site (Manila Fitted, DMF Drift, Car Porn Racing, Job and the rest the Flush Style crew, Kim of Solecity Antonio and Ira of Sole Slam Manila, FSV of Chups Shop, Drift Muscle Philippines, Lateral D and the Trilogy group)

This wraps up my year-end review for Fatlace, Cheers to a prosperous new year. May God Bless you.

Filipino Pride All Day, Every Day.

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