“Miyabi is one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals, though not as prevalent as Iki or Wabi-sabi. In modern Japanese, the word is usually translated as elegance, refinement, or courtliness and sometimes refers to a heart-breaker.” Combine these elements with a Silvia S13, Work Wheels Japan and Spirit-Rei for their next demo car. The results? Modern Japanese art.


Motohiro Taniguchi runs Spirit Rei, a shop located at the Tottori Prefecture which specializes in aero parts for the Nissan Silvia S13. Since 2010, the shop cemented their presence in the S-Chassis scene with the Odyvia conversion kit.


While the Odyvia kit went for a contrasting approach by replacing the front with a Honda Odyssey face; the “Ya” kit went for a more traditional Japanese route of styling – adding their own signature touch to the body.


Every aero company should have a signature look; Miura-San from Rocket Bunny also has a noticeable look in his kits/arches. Spirit-Rei has this very smooth and organic line above the wheel well that is very refreshing for the 27-year old car.


The Work Wheels M1R has a gloss anodized lip and a polish silver face. Specifications up front are 18 x 10 -20 with 215/40/18  tires, these perfectly flushes out the +40mm Spirit-Rei front fenders.


Taniguchi-San went for the double-staggered route to match the aggressive front wheel fitment, these utilizes the rear fender work with the 19 x 11.5 -43 wheels mounted to 255/35/19 tires.


Fitment and camber just right… Hellaflush.


Dark grey, silver, bronze, and aqua – proper contrast of colors! This can be one of the most properly executed S13s I’ve seen. Ever.


A classic with a modern touch.


So does “Miyabi” live to its name? Elegance? Check. Refinement? Check. Heart-breaker? Yes, this just might be the definition of “looks so good it hurts”

Hope you enjoyed this one.

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