After placing a heavy focus on their Air Max 95 hybrid, the Air Max 24-7, Nike is back with a new flavor of the original. The Nike Air Max 95 celebrates its fifteenth year on the streets in 2010 and continues to come in new colorways. This one quickly dubbed the “Grape” Nike Air Max 95′s feature a darkening fade from the midsole to the tongue with accents of purple and teal. Adding some more aestetic interest, Nike laced up these classics with a pattern lace. The Grape colorway is one of the most loved colorway on any sneaker. The famous colorway took off when Air Jordan placed it on the Air Jordan V (5). Well one of the most liked Air Max has took in the infamous grape colorway. To be more specific, most of the sneaker is made with nubuck layered with black, charcoal, and grey. The Grape colors, which are purple and green, are seen on areas such as the lace holders, midfoot area, and tongue. Other features include a green Air Max unit, a white midsole and a black outsole.


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