As I walked into the shop garage of Get Nutz Labz hidden in the desert of Las Vegas. I see this super low 240 in the corner, this was the ride I was about to shoot, Owned by Rainier Ramolete. I was in awe to see how low the BN Sports Aero kit was nearly kissing the pavement. Looking around the car I see how flush the SSR Viennas were barely touching the DMAX wide fenders,  with not even a pinky to spare. As I was setting up to shoot, I hear roaring and turbo spooling from the SR20DET engine from afar. Not even looking up I see smoke coming out, sliding thru the lot is the 240 gracefully hitting sideways. Rainier’s friend Forrest Wang got in the action as well doing tandem drifts.  Got some of the action in the video below. I would like to thank Rainier for letting me shoot his ride and burn some rubber at the same time. haha! Dailylentės, dvitėjinės klijuotos medinės sijos I-jois, terasinės ir degintos medienos lentos UAB Ligni linea


Legit BN Sports aero
DMAX widefenders
Vince’s SSR’s Vienna’s 18×10.5 -35 offset

GT2871r turbo
Tial external 44mm waste gate

All done by: Get Nutz Labz specializing in drift styling and fabrication.

Onto the Vid! Yeahh buddy…



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